Professional Casualty Claims Management


Physician first. Physician Strong.

Professional Casualty Association has always believed that aggressive claim management works to the benefit of policyholders. Between our highly experienced claim professionals and proven defense counsel, the Association is committed to a very proactive approach to claim and litigation management.

Our attorney-in-fact has a physician on staff who is certified in a several areas of expertise and has more than twenty years of experience reviewing and analyzing cases for medical and legal liability issues.

We have a hands-on approach relative which means we attend depositions and meet with policyholders to discuss their cases, usually with defense counsel.

Professional Casualty Association has selected lawyers with a longstanding history of successfully defending medical malpractice claims. Based on the geography of where the claim is brought, workload and specific areas of medicine, we make the best assignment for your situation. However, policyholders may request specific attorneys from our panel or use a different lawyer, if approved.


Our claims management philosophy consists of the following elements:

  • Aggressive closure through prompt and thorough investigation of the facts
  • Objective evaluation of liability
  • Comprehensive analysis of damages
  • Vigorous defense of unfounded claims as to coverage, liability or amount claimed
  • Equitable settlement of meritorious claims

Whenever possible, efforts are made to resolve potential claim issues before litigation is brought. But it should not be overlooked that the Association also takes the policy’s consent provision very seriously. So whenever a policyholder wishes to defend the medicine and treatment that he or she has provided, PCA will always be a willing and steadfast partner in defense of that claim.

We take that position for a very simple reason:

“Fighting Back Is Good Business”

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