Professional Casualty Association uses effective risk management to minimize the potential of a claim being brought against you. Managing risk not only protects you from claims but help you avoid higher premiums due to excessive expenses.

Professional Casualty Association has specialists trained to assist you with all of your malpractice needs. Our dedicated, professional staff works for you, and with you, to provide the best service possible offering the best coverage to suit your particular practice and needs. Our staff includes knowledgeable medical malpractice experts with years of experience. We supply coverage for your office, staff and professional corporation. Our agents are also ready to help you.

Our policies require your participation in our aggressive risk management program. Consider it preventative medicine against lawsuits.

Additionally, the Association has developed a Self-Assessment Tool which has been used to identify and evaluate liability exposures within the office setting. Samples are available upon request.

To supplement our internal Risk Management services, the Association has partnered with Emmi Solutions (Emmi), an outcomes-driven engagement communications company that empowers patients to take active roles in their care.

The key to good risk management is to be aware of known risks, and take actions that prevent those risks from becoming realities.

This approach reduces the incidence of medical lawsuits. If a lawsuit does occur, our attorneys approach it aggressively. Policy holders can actively participate in their cases and the lawsuit will not be settled without their approval.

Professional Casualty Association understands the special risks our clients face and offers insight, expertise in claim management, as well as offers products and services to meet each individual or group needs.

Loss prevention is the act of taking proactive measures to prevent or abate an identified risk exposure. Loss frequency is controlled by focusing on the cause of loss. Both are part of the risk management approach PCA brings to you as the insured physician.

We understand what physicians face daily in the practice of medicine and we are here to stand behind and defend our clients. One of the most important items is how the doctors conduct themselves in the work place.

The PCA partnership provides our insureds with a significant subscription discount of up to 50%. We also feel so strongly that this program will curb your potential for risk that we provide a $1000 renewal premium discount to all physicians who complete the regimen.

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